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Work from home: a boon for women?

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While work from home may not sound too easy and exciting for most office-goers, many working women are enjoying the lockdown as they can spend more time with their family members. An employee of Mega Bank Limited Laxmi Pudasaini says that she is being able to spare more time for her daughter. 

Balancing home and work was difficult initially. This period has been a boon in a way regarding spending time my little daughter. Both of us are enjoying this time. 

For many people commuting between home and office would mean wasting their valuable on the roads during pick traffic hours every day. But now such hours have been saved. A student and marketing officer at Prettyclick Cosmetics Dikshya Shahi is quite happy that she now has more time to spend with her family. 

As I am a student and an employee, I had a very busy schedule before lockdown. During this lockdown, I have plenty of time. So, it feels like a “life break” for me. 

However, work from home is not an entirely a new thing for some people because they have been doing this way ahead of lockdown. Program Manager at Women LEAD Nepal Suju Poon has worked from home in the past too. But the same work from home concept has embodied some extra pressure during this lockdown. 

We always had flexible working schedule. We have been practicing this but definitely this work from home is different because it’s like a forced work from home. So, this is something all of us have to do. But everything is working well. 

Work from home has now become a new normal due to the current situation. Experts believe that that since this is the only way out for employers to still remain engaged and earn. But they also suggest leaders and managers of organizations that being responsible for the wellbeing of their staffs is a must even when working from home. 

This is Bindiya Naga for Radio KU. 

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