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A must visit café for mo:mo lovers

By Lumanti Maharjan

Tara personally visits every visitor and have conversation with him or her. She says, “people come to this place as strangers and leave as friends.” Tara and the other employees at Mo:Mo La Palpasa believe in youth empowerment and giving back to the society.


Daughter of Gurkhas

Directed by Chandi Raj Dahal in Hong Kong (2014), this documentary shows how a Hong Kong born Nepali girl struggles in her studies due to…


A Journey Through Anxiety

By Swarna Shrestha

“Having failed to pursue a career as a nurse, as per the wishes of my family, I fell into a pit of darkness and despair. Dark thoughts consumed me, and I wasn’t able to bring myself out of it”


Adding hours to your day through Dailo

By Ajeshna Shakya

A team of four energetic students studying at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar have introduced a unique service, ‘Dailo’ through which someone will now complete your boring errands for you.


Dust. Can it be solved?

By Rujen Maharjan

The precautions to reduce pollution or the traffic load other than planting trees and waste management can be taken in various levels. As cars and other old vehicles are the ones emitting harmful chemicals and smoke, trolley buses are one of the best option to control both the pollution and traffic load. Increase in the number of cycles also can reduce air pollution. But the condition of the roads, the dust and the smoke only discourages the bicycle riders.


For The Other Living

By Aishwarya Baidar, Apekshya Basnet and Barsha Baral

Street dogs are found mainly at the places where they have chances of getting food. For the dogs in Kathmandu, this food comes in the form of unmanaged garbage dumps. Stopping the practice of dumping garbage on the streets is the first step that needs to be taken to check the street dog menace.


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